Collection: Chris Botragyi

Chris Botragyi was born in 1974, and although originally from Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, he now resides in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex.” As a Learning Support Assistant at a college, Chris works with young adults that suffer from autism, ADHD, anxieties and mental health illnesses. He is also studying an English Language and Literature degree.

Chris has always been interested in writing. He had a vivid imagination—and still does—at school, and always had a penchant for the paranormal and the macabre.

As a massive movie and tattoo fan, Chris wrote film and DVD reviews for the Colchester Circle Online Magazine. After taking the leap and dabbling with writing two books, he then went on to produce his first science fiction horror novel Blurred Vision. Initially six short stories, Chris decided to connect these stories, thus creating the popular novel that it has become today. Blurred Vision has gone on to win the Book Reviews Pulp Den Award 2018, and achieved a silver placement at the Ring of Honour Circle Awards 2018.

As well as writing the award winning Blurred Vision, Chris also loves to delve into the human psyche. Dark Days demonstrates Chris’ foray into poetry, and what drives our darkest desires. Chris says: “I have always had this fascination with the human mind, and what better way to explore this than to combine it with our greatest fears. The results were like nightmares that were then recorded on paper.”

As a football fanatic, Chris’ youth was dominated by watching his beloved Manchester United, as well as local clubs Ipswich Town and Colchester United. He also loves reading, music, art and fashion. “Reading is like acting—it is a way of living somebody else’s life without suffering any of the consequences,” says Chris.