Collection: GeAnn Powers

The daughter of a rainbow chaser and a bridge burner, GeAnn Powers spent the first twenty years of her life as an urban gypsy roaming with her family through dozens of cities in six different states. Then they got to Kansas. There, GeAnn met the love of her life, got married and ended the sojourner lifestyle. Once she finally settled down, GeAnn was finally able to hear the voices in her head and the stories they wove for her. The back roads, scattered grooves and the rolling countryside of Kansas became home to the elves and fairies residing in her imagination. The String Bean and the Firefly is Mrs. Powers’ first installment of the epic fantasy journey those back roads took her on.

Mrs. Powers currently resides in Michigan with her husband and sons, but her heart and her fairy realm will forever belong to the quiet brooks and shady grooves of the little Ozarks of Kansas.