Collection: Phil Price

Phil Price first toyed with the idea of writing back in 2009, when he had the whiff of an idea, regarding abductions. Married in 2010, he took the thread of an idea with him on honeymoon, where it started to develop as the Indian Ocean lapped at his feet. In between the birth of his sons, Phil began crafting Unknown, the first book of The Forsaken Series, where vampires come through secret doorways to snatch a select few, who are different from the rest of humanity. They have rare type of blood, which a far-away king craves. A vampire king. Once Phil had finished Unknown, he left it on his PC, unsure of what to do with it, until a chance conversation with a friend gave him the courage to publish it.
Aside from writing, Phil lives in a sleep town in Worcestershire, UK with his wife and two sons, happily playing dad and husband in almost equal measure. Phil’s day job could not be more different from his writing. He works in health and safety, keeping people healthy and safe. What he does in his books could not be any more different.