Collection: Sabrina Perkins

Sabrina Perkins is an expert on natural hair, beauty and style and has been writing for years creatively. She's been busy the last seven years with two beauty blogs, and sharing resourceful information to women of color. Her first book, Black Women & Hair Loss is all about the struggles some black women face with hair loss and hair growth and just the first book on hair.

Currently living in Denver, CO., Sabrina has written for beauty publications like Essence Magazine, StyleSeat and just to name a few. Her insight into natural hair and how to keep it healthy has aided millions of women to enjoy healthier natural hair and learning to embrace their natural tresses!

Sabrina is currently married, has three kids and continues to blog, write and take her knowledge of beauty to the next level. Expect to see more books on natural hair and skin care and how to keep it them both beautiful. Expect her creative side to spark some historical fiction soon too.