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Ask someone who is a fan of Tom Raimbault's writing; he or she might comment that "Tom writes those horror books."

The reader interpreting his stories as being horror is fine for author Tom Raimbault. But, as he often lectures, "Horror has been tainted in the modern age in much the same way that the celebration of Halloween has been poisoned. For some reason, most people have come to see horror as blood and guts or evil. What fun is that? Horror is so much more and should offer a glimpse of what life beyond the veil is like."

There is usually some supernatural element in author Tom Raimbault's writings that imposes itself our world. Characters have psychic abilities. Magick is a common theme. In many stories, those who have passed on to the other side continue to exist by simply reaching their hand through the veil and intertwining their dimension into ours.

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